mindful Intent for organisations

mindful intent brings mindfulness training and practice to organisations, to help you enhance and improve communication, relationships, leadership and wellbeing in your workplace and in your personal and professional life.


Mindfulness Tasters

This two-hour workshop introduces you to mindfulness in an experiential way. You’ll learn about the benefits of mindfulness, based on long-term and current research, and take away a number of suggested mindfulness practices to try at home. This introduction offers you the chance decide for yourself if a mindfulness practice will have benefits for you.

  • Audience – anyone in the workplace
  • Participant numbers – minimum 10 people, no maximum
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I feel much less ‘pull’ to the past and future. I feel less anxious, feel more trust in the goodness of life. I am making more creative choices to help myself. I have less headaches and hot flushes. The level of despair has reduced to a point where I barely notice it. I’m much happier and more solid in myself, more present and efficient at work. I’ve broken some really old conditioning I’ve had about myself.

The course has helped me to be more aware-mindful of what is going on around me and in my thoughts. It has helped me to be more relaxed, in tune with my body and more mindful of others.

This course has allowed me to focus on what is real and to let others be.